I was born in Kermanshah, Iran. My personal journey as an artist began in my childhood, where as a young girl, I started to learn painting. Every child draws and may color, but for me painting was a tool to express my feelings. However, for many years I did not have the opportunity to paint as I was busy with my academic education and raising a wonderful family.

As a professional painter, I started this passion of mine about 20 years ago. I mostly do oil paintings on canvas with primary subjects of landscape and I am interested in both realism and impressionism. However my main work is painting Persian deserts and images of the oasis as well as Persian traditional architecture. I achieve this by using unique materials such as straw, hay and clay with Acrylic medium on canvas in order to capture the calm magnificence and rural sophistication of the arid deserts of Iran. “My passion has always been to portray the rich Persian culture and history and to engage and bring viewers into my paintings”.

I have exhibited in numerous groups and solo shows, including in the United States, Canada and Iran.

Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy exploring my paintings. Success is felt when my viewers feel the desert heat or the smell of flowers in my paintings.

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